Patent and Certification

Patent and Certification

Hi-Seoul Brand Enterprise Certificate

Green Technology Certificate

High Efficiency Equipment Certificate

Enterprise with Excellence in Quality Competitiveness Certificate

INNO-BIZ Certificate

ISO 9001 GNS Certificate

Patent Technology Award

Invention Contest Award

Engineering Technology Award

Gold Award at Electronic Parts Competition

Presidential Award

The Most Loved Companies Award by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

Green Technology Award

Utility Design registration certificate

Patent 0773806 (Power control device)

Patent certificate (No. 0338055)

Patent certificate (No.0599468)

Patent certificate (No.0998284)

Patent certificate (No. 1092408 for electromagnetic pulse shielding)

Patent certificate (No.0688432) for Automatic Recovery

Patent certificate (No. 0811414)

Patent certificate (No.1226425) for EMP