CEO Greetings

CEO Greetings

SHINYOUNG Tech Vision Co., Ltd. thinks outside
the box to create a new value of IT.

ShinYoung Electronics creates new value of IT with
traordinary thought.

SHINYOUNG for challenges with a pioneering spirit

I must start out by saying that SHINYOUNG Tech Vision was created for the purpose of creating the products and services based on human resources and technology and contributing to human society and I am very pleased to greet you all here.

I am truly grateful to Heavenly Father for helping us stand where we are today for it is written: “Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” The same goes out to our customers. We will continue to make concerted efforts to improve the quality of our products and services to become a trustworthy company.

The term “developer” which sounded quite new to many early on now couldn’t sound more familiar.


I would like to express developer as a pioneer; this is because turning the abandoned land like the wastelands into fertile soil to build it as the place of prosperous living cannot be achieved without a will for challenges with a pioneering spirit, the trailblazing spirit demonstrated when the unknown new continent was discovered.

In this spirit, everyone at ShinYoung including myself will make a pledge here to do our best to achieve customer satisfaction and provide customer service on a different level based on a healthy sense of pride and duty that we create something out of nothing as per our motto “Think innovation”.


CEO Kim Seong-sik